In 1976 Spicewood VFD-EMS was formed with Dewayne Schuessler elected in as President.

Dewayne Schuessler was also the first fire chief for the fire department.

Dewey Hollingsworth was the first EMS Coordinator.

They would receive the emergency calls from the sheriff department by phone, then they would call each other and tell what kind of emergency call to respond on. Most of the members had CB’s in the vehicles to communicate with each other.

The first fire truck was purchased from the Marble Falls Fire Department for a princley sum of $1. 

Emergency vehicles where kept at Dewey Hollingsworth's home

The first working fire call was at the Blagg Ranch on CR 407.


In January, 19, 1978, the SVFD-EMS, Aux held their first meeting. 

The first president was Patsy Lester.

The meeting was open to the public. Around 50 people from the community attended the meeting. The Aux started planning their first fund raiser which was a garage sale to be held on Feb. 28, 1981. 


In _______,  the community and fund raisers help fund the money needed to build a fire hall. 

LB Oler broke the ground to begin building history.

It took many volunteers and members to build such a historical building. Each member and some children where eager to help were needed.Some even came out with protective gear on, to work.


The first fund raiser for the fire dept was a Pig Roast.  Together with the membership and the Aux a total of $ 200.00 was raiser. Later the department also added the Fish Fry & BBQ to help maintain the fire hall and equipment. 

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History from 1980-1989 _________


In 1992 Spicewood VFD-EMS held it's first Destruction Derby. What an exciting evening it was.

There were two classes; Full size and a Ladies race. We hauled bleachers in from Austin and Marble Falls. Today after 28 years the Derby has grew to be our biggest fundrasier of the year.


In 2001 Patsy Lester delivered our first baby with Donna Wall assisting and Dean Lester driving the ambulance. All went well and a healthy Big boy made his way into the world.

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In 2014 Spicewood VFD-EMS signed the first contract for service with Burnet County ESD 9.

In 2015 after over 35 years, Chief Dean Lester retired from the department.

A party was given in honor of Chief Lester by the members of Spicewood VFD-EMS and Aux.


In 2018, the Department hired Kelly Kelso to provide administrative support, thereby providing a paid presence at the Fire Hall Monday through Friday from 8-2PM.


In 2019, the Department hired a 20-per week Logistics Support Manager, who also worked M-F, 8-12.

By 2020, the Department was utilizing the services of the Fire Marshall; an office that was created in 2019 by BCESD9,

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Chief Lester