How to Become a Spicewood VFD-EMS Volunteer -


 Becoming a member of the Spicewood VFD-EMS is an easy, five step process:


1.  Has attained the age of 18 years; has a valid Texas Drivers License; has  current proof of Liability Insurance and is in good physical                condition:

2.  Submit a membership application. (download the form here)


3.  Undergo a criminal background check


4.  Attend two consecutive department business meetings (held the second Tuesday of each month)


5.  Receive a favorable vote of members present at any regular business meeting

Being part of the VFD offers many avenues of involvement. You might really enjoy the medical mission or excel at driving large apparatus. There is an area of expertise for you!

As a member you will also receive worker's compensation insurance for department activities as well as all personnel protective and safety equipment. Initial certification training and on-going continuing education training are also provided free of charge. 

Finally, you will enjoy a personal sense of pride and a genuine sense of camaraderie while serving your community 


For additional information, contact any member, call the SVFD administrative line at 830-693-7136, or complete the email membership inquiry form below: